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                  Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Co., Ltd.
                  国产野外无码理论片在线观看_不带套绝色中出中文无码_高清人妻无码中文字幕本多香_国产亚洲av夜间福利香蕉 <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链>
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                  June 24-28, 2007, an well known EU big customer visited Yabang-QH for cooperation.
                  June 2007, Yabang-QH passed authentication inspection on ISO14001 and OSHAS18001.
                  May 2007, Yabang-QH held “Safety & Healthy Cup” competition with 160 employees’ participation and 42 employees got awards.
                  April 19-20, 2007, Yabang-QH passed a German customer GMP audit.
                  Jan. 19, 2008, yearly achievements celebration activity was held in Changheng Hotel.
                  In December 2006,Yabang-QH site passed the second GMP inspection(additional products).
                  On July 16, 2006, Yabang-QH jointly set up Changzhou City Veterinary Engineering & Technology Center with the local government, specializing in the R&D of Anthelmintic Products.
                  In November 2005, Yabang-QH site passed the GMP inspection.
                  On Oct.29, 2005, Yabang-QH received the approval from the local Public Health Bureau, showing that the hygiene and health control of the facility was in compliance with the related requirements.
                  On August 2005, Yabang-QH site set up its clean-production internal audit team, responsible for the routine internal inspection on clean-production.
                  On Oct. 24, 2005, the local Disease Control and Protection Centre sampled the air at Yabang-QH production site, the test results were in compliance with the government requirements, showing that the a
                  On Sep.7, 2005, Yabang-QH site's Safety System passed the fire fighting inspection conducted by the local authority.
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