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                  Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Co., Ltd.
                  国产野外无码理论片在线观看_不带套绝色中出中文无码_高清人妻无码中文字幕本多香_国产亚洲av夜间福利香蕉 <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链>
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                  May 13, 2017, some Yabang-QH employees attend a public benefit Activity named as Fast Walking for donation of a bag of milk.
                  May 3, 2017, the 10th Sports Week opens in Yabang-QH site.
                  April 27-28, 2017, an important customer audited Yabang-QH with acceptable good result.
                  April 15, 2017, Jiangsu QH-Holding organized the 5th Materials Management workshop in Yabang-QH site.
                  March 20, 2017, Yabang-QH organized a workshop meeting to assess the good suggestions from employees.
                  March 14-15, 2017, the second team from Yabang-QH attend TCC(Training, Coaching, Consulting).
                  July 13, 2016, 15 students from Harbin Normal University arrive Changzhou Yabang-QH site for their 6 month practical sessions。
                  July 18, 2016, the QH party held donation activity to collect money to Yancheng Funing disaster area.
                  July 20, 2016, Changzhou Yabang-QH site become the practice base of Jiangsu University of Technology.
                  Aug. 2016, 83 employees received the training on pressure vessels.
                  Sep. 22, 2016, a communication meeting with newly enrolled employees in Jiangsu QH Holding in Changzhou.
                  Sep.27, 2016, shareholder meeting was held in Jiangsu QH Holding in Changzhou.
                  No. 21-23, 2016, US FDA inspection at Changzhou Yabang-QA site.
                  Jan. 12, 2017, the summary commendation congress for year 2016 was held in Jinling Plaza Hotel.
                  Feb. 28, 2017, the fourth firm communication meeting was held in Jiangsu QH Holding in Changzhjou.
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