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                  Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Co., Ltd.
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                    Company News  

                  ☆   July 2020,new site Inner Mongolia Quality Horizons Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd started production.

                  ☆   June 11th of 2020, Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Co., Ltd was successfully passed the re-inspection conducted by Jiangsu Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas.

                  ☆   May 20-23th of 2019, Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Co., Ltd. was inspected by WHO and the inspection result was positive.

                  ☆   Early 2019, invested new site Inner Mongolia Quality Horizons Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

                   2016, Succeeded FDA GMP inspection.

                   2016, Succeeded Plant 1# and 3# WHO GMP second inspection.

                  ☆ 2015,Succeeded Plant 1# and 3# EDQM GMP inspection.

                  ☆ 2013, Succeeded Plant 1# and 3# WHO GMP inspection.

                  ☆2013, Obtained Closantel Sodium CEP certificate.

                    April 2012, Yabang-QH officially started the long term cooperation with its second strategic partner.

                  ☆ Jan. 2011, Yabang-QH site passed China GMP reinspection;


                  ☆ Sep. 2009, Yabang-QH site passed EDQM Mebendazole polymorph C CEP approval; In Oct. 2009, passed EDQM Flubendazole Polymorph B CEP Approval; 
                  ☆ March 2009, Yabang-QH was certified as "Key High-tech Enterprise of Sate Spark Program";
                  ☆ Jan. 2008,  Yabang-QH jointly founded Changzhou City Veterinary Engineering & Technology Center with the local government; 

                  ☆ In 2007-2010: Designed & constructed Plant 3# at Yabang-QH site

                  ☆ In June 2007,Yabang-QH site passed the authentication on ISO14001  Environmental Protection Management System and OSHAS18001 EHS System.

                  ☆   In December 2006,Yabang-QH site passed the second GMP inspection(additional products).

                  ☆   On July 16, 2006, Yabang-QH jointly set up Changzhou City Veterinary Engineering & Technology Center with the local government, specializing in the R&D of Anthelmintic Products.

                  ☆ In March 2006: set up Lianyungang City YahuiPharmachemCo., Ltd. in National Chemical Zone(for intermediates)

                  ☆   November 2005: Yabang-QH site passed GMP inspection.

                  ☆   January 2005: Entitled as a "Jiangsu Private Enterprise with Great Science & Technology Progress".

                  ☆   April 2004: Set up Changzhou Yabang-QH Pharmachem Ltd. by investing in Jiangbian Industry Zone, occupying 93,300sqm.

                  ☆   October 2002: Become one of the director member companies of China Animal Health Use Chemicals Association.

                  ☆   October 2002: Listed as the "The Top Fifty Veterinary Enterprises in China".

                  ☆   September 2002: Obtained ISO9001 Certificate issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance UK.

                  ☆   September 2002: Entitled as a "Hi-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province".

                  ☆   March 2001: Set up Changzhou Yabang Veterinary Co., Ltd.

                  ☆   September 1998: Obtained ISO9002 Certificate issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance UK.

                  ☆   June 1991: Started to manufacture Albendazole in Changzhou Synthesized Materials Factory.

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